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We are the leading provider of software analysis and comparison tools for IP litigation. The patented tools have been used over 80 times in court and have withstood every challenge. The algorithms have been described in a number of peer-reviewed journals and the seminal textbook on software forensics, The Software IP Detective's Handbook. We have also trained over 40 experts worldwide in the use of the tools and our methodologies. Some of the notable cases where CodeSuite has been used include:


Software Analysis & Forensic Engineering Corporation has developed CodeSuite, a suite of patented tools for comparing computer source code and executable code to detect plagiarism, pinpoint copyright infringement, highlight trade secret theft, and measure intellectual property. It can also be used to track software development changes through numerous revisions. CodeSuite incorporates the BitMatch®, CodeCLOC®, CodeCross®, CodeDiff®, CodeMatch®, FileCount™, FileIsolate™, and SourceDetective® as well as sophisticated post-process database filtering. CodeSuite can also generate detailed HTML reports and statistics spreadsheets. The cost of CodeSuite is based on the number of megabytes examined and the specific function used. Download CodeSuite here.


CodeSuite-LT is a "lite" version of CodeSuite offering all of the key functionality including BitMatch®, CodeCross®, CodeDiff®, and CodeMatch® that can be used in conjunction with SourceDetective®. CodeSuite-LT generates detailed reports on its findings and includes the free tools FileCountand FileIsolate. The cost of CodeSuite-LT is fixed for a 6-month or 1-year period. Download CodeSuite-LT here.


S.A.F.E. has taken its unique, patented CodeMatch technology that has used in litigation to find copied computer code, and applied the technology to general documents like articles, papers, and novels. DocMate can be licensed as the full version or the LT version. The full version is the professional tool that creates a database containing matching elements between two sets of documents. The full version can automatically search the Internet for all references to commonly used words and filter them from the database. Also, sophisticated statistics can be extracted from the database. The LT version produces an easy-to-read HTML report showing words, sentences, and paragraphs that are identical or similar in every pair of documents. The cost of either version of DocMate is fixed for a 1-year period. Download DocMate here.

HTML Preprocessor™

The HTML Preprocessor is designed to transform web pages into files that are amenable to analysis by CodeSuite, DocMate, and other source code analysis tools. The HTML Preprocessor examines HTML files and other markup language files and extracts all embedded code into separate files. These files each contain only one kind of code that can be easily analyzed and compared using CodeSuite and DocMate. Download the HTML Preprocessor here.


CodeMeasure is the first language independent solution for quantifying software evolution by analyzing changes across multiple versions of code. The cost of CodeMeasure is fixed for a 1-year period. Download CodeMeasure here.

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The free evaluation license will let you analyze up to 1 megabyte of source code. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. First register for the free download.
  2. Then send an evaluation license request to SAFE sales.

Custom Software Development

S.A.F.E. has advanced experience in all kinds of software analysis. We can create custom add-ons to CodeSuite and we can develop new analysis tools to directly meet your needs. Contact us at for information and costs.


S.A.F.E. offers training and certification in using our unique CodeSuite software. Click on the training tab on the left for dates, locations, and rates.

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