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Identify Software Copying, Similarities, or Unauthorized Use

CodeScreener® Overview

CodeScreener is a software service, offering the most complete comparison analysis of software in either binary or source form. CodeScreener measures the correlation between two codebases to identify plagiarism, similarities for refactoring, or use of any unauthorized code.

Using CodeScreener

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Identifying Plagiarism

Finding correlation between the source code files for two different programs does not necessarily mean the code was plagiarized. In fact there are exactly six reasons for correlation between programs.

  • Same third-party code in both programs
  • Use of the same code generation tools
  • Common algorithms known and used by many programmers
  • Code written by the same author
  • Commonly used identifier names (e.g. result, index…)
  • Copied/plagiarized code

As the developer of at least one of the code bases you have analyzed, you should be able to answer whether the first three bullets apply to your code. The fourth bullet is there as a reminder that if the same programmer writes two different programs there will be a good chance of seeing correlation between the two programs. The fifth bullet can be filtered by using the filter common identifiers option when you request your CodeMatch Report (for source code analysis) or BitMatch Report (for binary code analysis). Once you have accounted for the first 5 bullets then any correlation greater than 0 is indication of copied code.

Source Code Refactoring

CodeScreener is a fast and thorough way to identify duplicate code. To get a duplicate code report purchase a CodeMatch report and setup the comparison of your codebase to itself using only the Instruction Sequence Matching report option.

Unauthorized Code Detection

If you have used a clean room development process or want to be sure that no unauthorized 3rd party code is present in your software, then CodeScreener is a fast and efficient way to double check your software. By getting a CodeMatch report using the same plagiarism detection options from above to compare your source with any unauthorized code, any non-zero correlation score indicates copying of the unauthorized code.

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