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APRIL 2020


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The President's Column

A new version of CodeSuite for teachers has just been released. Read about the features of CodeSuite-AC in this month's Scanning Code section of the SAFE newsletter.

In the Scanning IP section you can read how S.A.F.E recently won two prestigious awards for our software forensics tools.

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Bob Zeidman
President, SAFE Corporation

Scanning Code

CodeSuite-AC (Academic Version) Released

Teachers of programming and computer science have a unique need to make a quick but accurate determination whether their students copied. With that in mind, S.A.F.E. has just released CodeSuite-AC, the academic version of CodeSuite with pricing that's compatible with school budgets.

CodeSuite-AC combines the CodeMatch, CodeSplit, SourceDetective and filtering functions of CodeSuite into a single, simple user interface. Simply point the program to the folder containing your students' code files. Select among several options, and press the GO button. In a short time, CodeSuite-AC will generate a report that shows which students' code files are correlated after accounting for open source code and libraries on the Internet. You can then accurately determine whether those correlated files are due to copying. A report can also identify websites where the students' code came from to determine whether they inappropriately copied code from a third party.

Learn more about CodeSuite-AC here.

Scanning IP

S.A.F.E Wins Two Prestigious Awards

Innovation & Excellence Award Technology Elite Award  

S.A.F.E. has just received a prestigious 2020 Innovation & Excellence Award from Corporate LiveWire. Our award was for Most Innovative in IP Analysis Services. Read about the award here.

Last year, S.A.F.E. received a Technology Elite Award for Best IP Litigation Software Analysis Provider & Innovation Award in Software Forensics from US Business News. Read about the award here.

Advanced Tools to Detect Plagiarism and IP Theft

Sophisticated sets of tools for analyzing software source code and object code including:

Check binary object code for plagiarism.

Measure software IP changes between versions of a program.

Cross check source code for plagiarism.

Compare source code to find differences and measure changes.

The premiere tool for pinpointing copied source code.

Divide code into its basic elements for further analysis.

Scour the Internet for plagiarized code.

Speed up your analysis on a multiprocessor system.

Turbo charge your analysis on a supercomputer grid.

HTML Preprocessor
Divide HTML pages into their basic elements for easier analysis.

Find signs of copying in any document.

Get Smart

SAFE offers training at our facility or yours or on the Web. Contact us to make arrangements:

MCLE credit in software IP

CodeSuite certification


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