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CodeSuite-AC® is a version of the CodeSuite tool that is specifically intended for use by teachers to check their students' program code. Each tool in the suite produces a readable report that can be used to find copying.

Compare Code Compare Code

The Compare Code function combines the CodeMatch, CodeSplit, SourceDetective and filtering functions of CodeSuite into a single, simple user interface. Simply point the program to the folder containing your students' code files. Select among several options, and press the GO button. In a short time, CodeSuite-AC will generate a report that shows which students' code files are correlated after accounting for open source code and libraries on the Internet. You can then accurately determine whether those correlated files are due to copying. A report can also identify websites where the students' code came from to determine whether they inappropriately copied code from a third party.

Download and Purchase

CodeSuite-AC can be purchased for unlimited use over a set period of time. Here's how to get your copy.

  1. Register for the free software download.
  2. Go to the SAFE sales page and purchase a license.
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