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DocMatch compares thousands of document files in multiple directories and subdirectories to determine which files are the most highly correlated. DocMatch compares any kinds of documents, comparing text content and text metadata. DocMatch can be used to significantly speed up the work of finding plagiarism, because it can direct the examiner to look closely at a small amount of text in a handful of files rather than thousands of combinations. DocMatch is also useful for determining common authorship of two different documents.

DocMatch compares every file in one directory with every file in another directory, including all subdirectories if requested. The full version of DocMatch produces a database that can then be exported to an HTML report that lists the most highly correlated pairs of files. The LT version of DocMatch directly creates the HTML report. You can click on any particular pair listed in the HTML basic report see an HTML detailed report that shows the specific text in the files that caused the high correlation.

The full version of DocMatch allows searching the Internet for all references to matching words found in a DocMatch database. This feature is used to determine whether words found in two sets of files are commonly used or not, depending on how many references can be found on the Internet.

Which Version, Full or LT?

DocMatch can be licensed as the full version or the LT version. The full version is the professional tool. It creates a database containing matching elements between two sets of documents. The full version can automatically search the Internet for all references to common terms and filter them from the database. Also, sophisticated statistics can be extracted from the database. The LT version produces an easy-to-read HTML report showing words, sentences, and paragraphs that are identical or similar in every pair of documents.

Download and Purchase

DocMatch can be purchased for unlimited use for one year. Here's how to get your copy.

  1. Register for the free software download.
  2. Go to the SAFE sales page and purchase a license.
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