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CodeCLOC calculates development progress across two different versions of software, measuring code changes, the amount of original code in your new code, and the amount of original code. CodeCLOC allows measurement of software changes and software intellectual property changes for calculating such things as transfer pricing.

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CodeCLOC compares every file in one directory with every file in another directory, including all subdirectories if requested. CodeCLOC produces a database that can then be exported to an HTML basic report that lists all files in one folder that have statements that match comments in files in the other folder. You can click on any particular file pair listed in the HTML basic report see an HTML detailed report that shows the specific lines in the files that match. CodeCLOC also produces spreadsheets showing detailed statistics about code growth from version to version.

CodeCLOC uses a fast, simple algorithm to find matching lines within different source code files. CodeCLOC works for any programming language.

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