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CodeMatch compares thousands of source code files in multiple directories and subdirectories to determine which files are the most highly correlated. This can be used to significantly speed up the work of finding source code plagiarism, because it can direct the examiner to look closely at a small amount of code in a handful of files rather than thousands of combinations. CodeMatch is also useful for finding open source code within proprietary code, determining common authorship of two different programs, and discovering common, standard algorithms within different programs.

CodeMatch compares every file in one directory with every file in another directory, including all subdirectories if requested. CodeMatch produces a database that can then be exported to an HTML basic report that lists the most highly correlated pairs of files. You can click on any particular pair listed in the HTML basic report see an HTML detailed report that shows the specific items in the files (statements, comments and strings, identifiers, or instruction sequences) that caused the high correlation.

CodeMatch currently supports the following programming languages. Supporting new languages is simple and quick. If the language you need is not in the list, let us know and we'll usually be able to add it within days.

ABAP ASM-6502 ASM-65C02 ASM-65816 ASM-M68k BASIC
Flash ActionScript Fortran FoxPro Go Java JavaScript
Kotlin LISP LotusScript MASM MATLAB MPE/iX
Objective-C OpenEdge Pascal Perl PHP PL/M
PowerBuilder PowerHouse Progress Prolog Python RealBasic
Ruby Scala SQL Swift TAL TCL
TypeScript Verilog VHDL Visual Basic    

Programming Languages Supported

CodeMatch uses unique algorithms to find various different ways that source code files are correlated. These algorithms can find directly copied source code and even source code that has been modified to avoid detection. For more information on the CodeMatch algorithms, click here.

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