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SAFE Corporation Opens Grid Computing System
for Software IP Comparisons

CUPERTINO, CA (October 7, 2008) - Software Analysis & Forensic Engineering Corporation, the leading provider of software tools for detecting and measuring software intellectual property, has just announced CodeGrid™, a distributed computing system that enables CodeSuite® jobs to be run many times faster than ever before. CodeSuite is a suite of tools, consisting of CodeMatch®, CodeDiff®, and BitMatch®, for comparing computer source code and object code to detect such things as plagiarism, copyright infringement, and trade secret theft. CodeSuite can also measure software intellectual property changes through various revisions of program releases.

CodeSuite uses a computationally-intensive algorithm such that large jobs can take a long time to run, especially compared to the short schedule often required for IP litigation. In order to drastically improve performance, the engineers at S.A.F.E. Corporation developed a distributed computer grid, effectively creating a parallel-processing supercomputer out of off-the-shelf PCs. CodeGrid uses the same kind of technology as the grid systems used by NASA, CERN, and the National Science Foundation.

According to Tim Hoehn, Research Engineer at S.A.F.E. Corporation and lead engineer of the CodeGrid project, "Over a year in development, CodeGrid has proven itself to perform even better than expected. We anticipated a large performance increase over stand-alone CodeSuite, but CodeGrid has actually performed better than our initial calculations. We are extremely satisfied with its performance."

About SAFE Corporation
SAFE Corporation is the leading firm providing software and services for discovering intellectual property theft, measuring software IP, and comparing software source code and object code. CodeSuite has been used by law firms for IP litigation cases around the world. CodeSuite has also been used by tax attorneys to track changes through multiple generations of programs in order to do accurate IP valuations. The corporate headquarters is in Cupertino, California.

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