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BitMatch Screen Shot

BitMatch compares thousands of executable binary files in multiple directories and subdirectories to thousands of other executable binary files or source code files in order to determine which files are the most highly correlated. BitMatch is particularly useful for finding programs that have been copied, but where you only have access to the program executable binary files and not the source code.

BitMatch compares every file in one directory with every file in another directory, including all subdirectories if requested. BitMatch produces a database that can then be exported to an HTML basic report that lists the most highly correlated pairs of files. You can click on any particular pair listed in the HTML basic report see an HTML detailed report that shows the specific items in the files (comments or identifiers) that caused the high correlation.

BitMatch examines all text strings, comments, and identifier names that it can find in the executable files in order to determine copying. If a specific user message or a unique subroutine name is found in two files, there is a possibility that one was copied from the other. Note that BitMatch gives only a rough determination whether copying took place. False positives and false negatives are both possible. CodeMatch is needed to compare source code to make a definitive determination.

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