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Download the free trial version that produces a CLOC graph of software changes, no license required!*

Plot of Code Changes


CodeMeasure calculates development progress across versions, measuring code changes, the amount of original code in your new code, and the amount of original code. CodeMeasure provides quantitative reference points on past development that will help improve predictions of future development.

CodeMeasure Report


CodeMeasure uses an advanced comparison algorithm that was developed by SAFE Corporation for forensic analysis of software. The technology is able to detect matches even when code is moved, unlike other code comparison tools that typically double count moved code as deleted lines and added lines. This makes CodeMeasure the tool of choice for tracking software evolution where accuracy and consistency are critical.


CodeMeasure's advanced algorithm allows comparison of any line-based, text files and can identify the lines that were modified, added, or deleted without positional or language dependence. This means you can use CodeMeasure on scripts, program source, SQL, etc., giving you a complete picture of a project's evolution regardless of the language used.

CodeMeasure User Interface


CodeMeasure supports comparison of one or more versions of code with a simple, intuitive user interface shown to the left. Just list the top level directory for each version of code you want to compare and the tool will even traverse all the subdirectories to find all the files that match the types specified.

*The CLOC graph can be viewed, captured, and printed. The CLOC data from the graph cannot be saved to a spreadsheet file unless a license is purchased.

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