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Consultants and Expert Witnesses

The consulting companies listed on this page employ CodeSuite-certified experts who have passed our rigorous training. Most have years of experience examining and analyzing software during the development process and as expert witnesses in litigation. Because these experts are CodeSuite-certified, there is no learning curve and they can produce results quickly. Because CodeSuite is so efficient, the time and cost to get extensive and complete results are minimized. For further information, please contact us at

Cohen Software Consulting

Cohen Software Consulting provides clients with software architectures and implementations, specializing in algorithms, relational databases, and user interfaces. Cohen also provides source code and business practice analysis for software intellectual property litigation. Cohen has over 30 years experience in industry working in areas as diverse as bioinformatics, digital cartography, banking systems for foreign exchange traders, weather modeling, and ocean acoustic signal processing and detection technologies. Cohen has also developed new architectures for optical networks to support data intensive grid computing. For litigation matters, Cohen provides CodeSuite-certified expert witnesses in software patent, trade secret, copyright, DMCA, and business practices matters for both plaintiffs and defendants, including testifying in federal court.

Cyber Centaurs

Cyber Centaurs is a professional service firm and consultancy. The focus of the practice is on delivering intelligent electronic discovery collection, data recovery, data analysis, and advisory services to corporations, law firms, and government entities. Cyber Centaurs' expertise includes forensic software analysis of source code and compiled code and the assessment of copyright infringement and theft of trade secrets. The experts at Cyber Centaurs can take highly technical processes and convey them in simple terms to judge and jury. Contact us at

Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro

Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro is a world class education institution that offers 21st Century academic and technological programmes supported with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. We focus on providing excellent hands-on-skills training of our students. We also create the enabling environment for our students and lecturers to conduct ground breaking research directed towards solving socio-economic development problems of the world. Also, we provide a wide range of consultancy services to clients in the following areas: Digital Forensics & Information Security, Computer Software, Information Technology, Construction and Engineering Technology, Agriculture and Business Intelligence. For software Intellectual Property infringement litigations, we provide CodeSuite-certified expert witnesses to clients. You can contact us at or

EON-PeaceConsult Limited

EON-PeaceConsult Limited provides digital / cyber forensic investigation services for a range of clients. Our expertise are in three main areas: Digital Forensics & Information Security Consulting, Open Source Intelligence Consultancy and Litigation Support Services. We offer expert witness and litigation advisory support for legal practitioners, law enforcement, human rights defenders, private & institutional bodies. EON-PeaceConsult is centrally located in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. We pride ourselves as a solution oriented service provider and will work with you to find answers to your Software & Tech Intellectual Property (Copyright, Patent, Trademarks, Trade Secrets) related cases.

Gary Stringham & Associates

Gary Stringham & Associates is a consulting, development, and training firm with 30 years of embedded systems engineering experience in R&D, manufacturing, and consulting. Their experience includes design, implementation, and testing in the areas of software, firmware, and hardware in industries such as consumer electronics, municipal utilities, and green technologies. They have been tapped many times to analyze the designs and implementations of others in order to reverse-engineer, debug, diagnose, and resolve a broad range of engineering problems. A partial list of specific areas of experience includes the following: C, C++, Pascal, BASIC, HTML, Unix, Linux, Windows, sh, PowerShell, assembly languages, 6502, x86, 68000, MSP430, FPGA, ASIC, SoC, RS-232, CAN, and TIFF. This vast experience, along with the CodeSuite® certification, has proven useful in expert witness work. Stringham is a published author and a 12-time patented inventor.

IP Law World

IP Law World provides comprehensive services in intellectual property law. Their attorneys are CodeSuite certified and possess experience in patents, copyright law, patent law, trade secrets law, and intellectual property litigation. Their experience and background includes electrical engineering, computer engineering, software, and hardware. Their experts are available for forensic software analysis, expert witness services, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and all other areas of intellectual property law. They also provide consulting services in each of these areas. Call (702) 347-1221, or email

IP P.I. Analysis and Consulting

Intellectual Property (IP)
Private Investigation (P.I.)
Ugo dePunzio, J.D. / M.B.A.
Analyst / Consultant

IP P.I. Analysis and Consulting provides intellectual property support services related to proprietary and/or open-source software, particularly as arising from the licensing therefrom. IP P.I. Analysis and Consulting is CodeSuite certified and can perform comprehensive source code or object code analysis using CodeSuite. IP P.I. Analysis and Consulting can also undertake legal analysis relating to software licensing, and potential copyright or patent infringement. IP P.I. Analysis and Consulting can provide other services as requested, or if required. Please direct your inquiries to 510-865-8749 or

Mobile Otis

Mobile Otis, LLC focuses on mobile forensics and development. We provide a unique perspective in the mobile forensics space by leveraging our expertise in mobile development. Clients of Mobile Otis include law firms, private investigative firms, and software companies. Mobile Otis provides CodeSuite-certified experts for forensic software analysis, as well as other mobile device forensic services.


Netrino's court-admitted engineering experts have been called upon in a variety of legal disputes, ranging from patent infringement to medical product safety to satellite TV piracy. Through reverse engineering, engineers from Netrino are able to testify about the design of software or electronics; prior art; and the cause(s) of malfunction of safety-critical products or medical devices, as well the types of process and architecture best practices that could have been used to avoid injury or harm. Netrino's engineers are adept at explaining these complex technical topics in language familiar to judges and juries.

RADical Information Design Corporation

RADical Information Design Corporation provides unmatched expertise in database design, programming, code review and performance diagnostics and tuning, for clients ranging from Inc. 500 startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our proprietary tool JDCO-Relativity* can help you detect design flaws in OLTP databases EARLY and build fully functional prototype or proof-of-concept distributed data maintenance modules WITHOUT programming.

Our Chief RADical is Howard Hyde, with 25 years' IT experience, specializing in Oracle Database, SQL and PL/SQL. He has trained and supervised dozens of Oracle PL/SQL developers over his career. He is author JDCO-Relativity and of the 2012 e-book "Java Web Database Application Development." His past clients and employers include Oracle Corporation, Countrywide/Bank of America, Kaiser, Disney, Syncor/Cardinal Health and Enigma Digital/Clear Channel Communications. To all of the above, add certification in CodeSuite®. If you need help to resolve any uncertainty over potential software intellectual property infringement, don't hesitate to contact us. Address your inquiries to

*JDCO = Java Data Cache Objects, RADical's proprietary relational design pattern interpreter, data caching and object-relational persistence engine. Relativity is an open-source reference implementation UI layer of server-side Java-generated HTML data maintenance forms.

Realized Solutions

Realized Solutions, Inc. (RSI) is committed to providing comprehensive IT service with enhanced, proactive customer support. Our focus and dedication to the success and individual needs of our clients set us apart from others in the field. RSI specializes in network services, hardware support, software development, application integrations, and systems analysis and consultation. We are a one-stop-shop for small to mid-sized businesses looking to get the most out of their technology investment. Our certified in-house consultants also help clients protect their investments by leveraging our expertise in computer software and source code forensics. RSI can act as an expert witnesses in employment, intellectual property, and copyright disputes related to computer source code. Our clients range from global suppliers, manufacturing plants, and multiple industry specific service providers to educational institutions, medical facilities, law firms, and venture capital. Contact us today and learn how our experts can help your organization achieve its goals by making your vision a reality.


S Systems offers implementations of signal processing software and provides expert witness support in patent and software copyright litigation and patent office proceedings. In addition to experience in infringement, validity, and other patent litigation issues, for both plaintiff and defendant, S Systems offers CodeSuite certified expert witness analysis of source code.  Litigation experience includes cell phones, audio, speech, music, compression, signal processing, file downloading, real-time streaming, financial web sites, real estate web sites, processor architecture, and digital cameras. Testifying experience includes the well-known case Lucent v Microsoft Software engineering and source code analysis experience includes C, C++, Java, Basic, JavaScript, HTML, XML, Fortran, and a variety of assembly languages. Operating systems include Windows, Mac, and Linux. For foreign languages, near-native German is offered, and reading knowledge of French and Dutch.

Shadow Cliffs Engineering

Shadow Cliffs Engineering provides consulting services for software and firmware development in embedded systems, and expert witness and forensic expert consulting in patent infringement litigation. Shadow Cliffs has extensive experience in the development of real-time control software, including hard disk drives, printers and scanners, medical devices, and others. Areas of particular expertise include SCSI, RAID, iSCSI, SATA, Serial-Attached SCSI, IDE/ATAPI, Compact Flash, USB 2.0, P-1394 (Firewire), RS-232, DSP, servo control, and PRML read channel and magnetics. Programming environments and disciplines include Assembly, C, Pascal, Basic, Awk, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, MySQL, RTOS, Nucleus, QNX, Windows, Unix, Linux, and MacOS. Shadow Cliffs also provides expert-witness services (patents, trade secrets, intellectual property, trademarks) for forensic competitive analysis and software comparison.

Thorn Tech

Thorn Tech specializes in getting multi-disciplinary projects up and running. We're familiar with working under the rigorous regulations of the medical space and the fast paced environment of the startup world. From optical cameras, research equipment, embedded projects, injection moldings, micro-fluidic disposables, and robots we've built a wide array of devices. We pride ourselves on efficient communication and would love to chat with you about how we can get your projects working and achieve your business goals. Contact us at

Tierrasanta Technologies

Tierrasanta Technologies provides development of cutting-edge technology, specializing in embedded software development and rapid prototyping for product development. Tierrasanta Technologies expertise includes source code and business practice analysis for software intellectual property litigation with experience using reverse engineering techniques to identify software and electronic design objectives and root causes of failures. Tierrasanta Technologies engineers are CodeSuite-certified expert witnesses. Decades of experience in all aspects of the engineering field has allowed Tierrasanta Technologies to successfully complete a multitude of projects including various processors, real-time operating systems (RTOS), wired and wireless communication systems, location/positioning device development, and various networking protocols as well as the development of proprietary protocols.


WebFeats! provides custom programming, web site development and intellectual property litigation support. Rich Dorfman, software expert, is a senior programmer, author, teacher and consultant specializing in C-syntax family of languages including C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, HTML, PHP and .NET. Recent case experience includes patent and copyright infringement and trade secret misappropriation. Available to support all phases of intellectual property litigation, from initial research through infringement contentions and claim construction to source code review, reverse engineering, expert report and testimony. CodeSuite®-certified. Please direct inquiries to 262-569-1228 or

Wolfe Consulting

Wolfe Consulting provides intellectual property support services related to computer systems, computer software, communications, consumer electronics, and semiconductors as well as design services and strategic planning in these areas. Wolfe Consulting can perform comprehensive source code or object code analysis using CodeSuite or, if necessary, other reverse engineering techniques. Wolfe Consulting can also perform patent infringement analysis of hardware, software, or systems. Wolfe Consulting is experienced in litigation support and can provide veteran testifying experts if required.

Vreelin Engineering

Vreelin Engineering provides clients with products and consulting services in software, firmware, and hardware system solutions. Vreelin has developed new architectures for imaging, drone sensors, automotives, and gaming. We are world class experts in universal serial bus (USB 2, USB 3, USB super speed, USC C). We have 20+ years of extensive experience in the development of FPGAs, design boards, firmware for micro controllers, sensors to the outside world, device drivers for Linux, UNIX, Windows, Apple OS, Apple Car play, RTOS in C/C++. We have deep experience with industry-standard protocols(PCI Express, USB, Ethernet) and with peripheral interfaces ( I2C, SPI, high speed serial I/Fs). Our expertise includes programming environments and disciplines in Assembly, C, C++ , Verilog, System C, Windows, Unix, Linux, and MacOS. Vreelin will also provide forensic analysis in software for patents, trade secrets, open source, and other intellectual property. We can quickly review large code swatches and delve as deeply as is required.

Yasinsac Consulting

Dr. Alec Yasinsac is an expert in software engineering, computer science, cybersecurity and elections security. He has published eighty refereed papers, largely on information security. Alec served in technical roles in the Marines for twenty years and was a computer science research professor at FSU and University of South Alabama, winning over $7 million in research awards from the Department of Defense. Alec has consulted on cases nationally and internationally, including multiple billion-dollar lawsuits. He has performed security analysis for voting system certifications, has advised federal and international government entities in information security design of major election systems, and has conducted forensic analysis in challenged elections. He is a certified in Software Analysis Forensic Engineering's Codesuite for analyzing and comparing software for Intellectual Property litigation. Contact Alec at

Zeidman Consulting

Zeidman Consulting is a contract research and development firm with extensive experience in the design of hardware and software and intellectual property litigation support, supplying tools, consultants, and expert witnesses. Their areas of expertise include software plagiarism detection and patent and trade secret analysis. They also have expertise in the design of semiconductor devices including microprocessors, CPLDs, FPGAs, and ASICs, and are knowledgeable in various hardware description languages and software programming languages. Zeidman Consulting has designed network equipment, communication devices, embedded systems, EDA tools, and many other types of devices.

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