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SAFE Corporation Announces CodeMeasure™ for Measuring Software Development Progress

SAFE Introduces a New Website dedicated to CodeMeasure, the First Language Independent Solution for Tracking Software Evolution Across Multiple Versions

CUPERTINO, CA (April 20, 2010) - Software Analysis & Forensic Engineering Corporation, the leading provider of forensic software tools for software copyright and trade secret analysis, today announced the release of CodeMeasure. CodeMeasure is the first language independent solution for quantifying software evolution by analyzing changes across multiple versions of code. In addition, SAFE is launching a new website,, an online store focused on providing information, examples, and support for CodeMeasure.

"The bottom line for me is that CodeMeasure is a simple, easy-to-use utility that gives me some new insights about a code base," stated Larry Daniele, president of Companion Software and an early beta user of CodeMeasure.

CodeMeasure is built on SAFE's leading forensic technology and uses a more advanced code difference algorithm than the typical positional algorithms used by most free tools. The CodeMeasure algorithm is fast and makes analyzing code changes across multiple versions of software possible, processing tens of thousands of files and tens of millions of lines of code in minutes (see examples at CodeMeasure Performance). CodeMeasure is also language independent, providing a single tool able to track evolution on any code development project.

"At SAFE, we are focused on analyzing software and looking for reliable, repeatable metrics that we can use to help direct our more detailed forensic analyses. After receiving positive feedback on an article we published (Measuring Changes in Software with CLOC at about using changed lines of code to measure software evolution, we decided to create an easy-to-use tool to report these metrics," said Bob Zeidman, president of SAFE Corporation. "We were excited to realize the performance of our algorithm would allow us to analyze multiple versions of software and show developers how their code has evolved from release to release."

CodeMeasure is available now and can be purchased online at A single machine permanent license is $1,000 including updates for 1 year.

About SAFE Corporation

SAFE Corporation is the leading provider of software forensic analysis tools for discovering IP theft, measuring software IP changes, and measuring software source code and object code correlation. For more information visit call (408) 517-1167.


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