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SAFE Corporation Announces CodeSuite-LT

CodeSuite-LT Provides the Key Functionality of CodeSuite at a Low, Fixed Price

CUPERTINO, CA (January 18, 2011) - Software Analysis & Forensic Engineering Corporation, the leading provider of software tools for software copyright and trade secret analysis, today announced the release of CodeSuite-LT®, a "lite" version of CodeSuite offering all of the key functionality for unlimited use over the term of the license.

"These days companies are understandably much more cost sensitive than they were in previous years," said Bob Zeidman, president of SAFE Corporation. "In particular, small companies with smaller budgets are finding themselves to be plaintiffs or defendants in copyright infringement cases. These cases are critical to keeping them in business. When a company's employees steal code to start new businesses, for example, the company loses a key advantage in its market. When a small company is unfairly accused of code theft, that can drain valuable resources or put it out of business altogether. We've been getting a lot of requests for a less expensive version of CodeSuite but with the same high standard of reliability and usability. That's why we created CodeSuite-LT."

CodeSuite-LT includes the tools BitMatch®, CodeCross®, CodeDiff®, and CodeMatch® that can be used in conjunction with SourceDetective®. CodeSuite-LT generates detailed reports on its findings and includes the free tools FileCount™ and FileIsolate™. It is available now at $2,000 for a 6-month unlimited license and $3,800 for a one-year unlimited license.

About SAFE Corporation

SAFE Corporation is the leading provider of software forensic analysis tools for discovering IP theft, measuring software IP changes, and measuring software source code and object code correlation. CodeSuite has been used in trials involving copyright infringement and trade secret theft.


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