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SAFE Corporation Announces CodeSuite® 4.0

CodeSuite 4.0 Adds CodeCLOC™ for Measuring Source Code Changes Over Time

CUPERTINO, CA (May 19, 2010) - Software Analysis & Forensic Engineering Corporation, the leading provider of software tools for software copyright and trade secret analysis, today announced the release of CodeSuite 4.0. Several improvements have been made to the existing suite of tools including CodeCLOC for measuring how software evolves across versions of code. The CodeCLOC algorithms were developed for the landmark software taxation case Symantec v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue.

"The changing lines of code, or CLOC, method of measuring changes to software that was created by Bob Zeidman is an important development in the area of software metrics," stated Capers Jones, president of Capers Jones & Associates and a leading authority on software cost estimation. "The addition of CodeCLOC to CodeSuite makes this release even more compelling and illustrates how CodeSuite is constantly evolving to meet the latest requirements in software litigation."

The CodeSuite 4.0 improvements include an upgrade to the user interface, but most significant is the addition of CodeCLOC that implements the algorithm described in the article Measuring Changes in Software IP in IP Today magazine. CodeCLOC calculates code change metrics and produces a complete database of the changes. This information is invaluable in assessing how a code base has changed over time and objectively quantifying those changes.

"After our involvement in the Symantec case, it was apparent there is a need to measure how a code base has evolved," said Bob Zeidman, president of SAFE Corporation. "Our first application of CLOC analysis resulted in a significant reduction of taxes in a transfer pricing case, so it made sense for us to automate the solution and add it to CodeSuite."

CodeSuite 4.0 is available now and can be purchased on a term license or project basis. Project pricing is based on the size of code analyzed and the tool used for the analysis. Pricing starts at $10 per megabyte for CodeCross® and goes up to $400 per megabyte for CodeMatch®. CodeCLOC is priced at $20 per megabyte. A one year term license for CodeSuite is $100,000.

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SAFE Corporation is the leading provider of tools for software forensic analysis and code measurement. For more information call (408) 517-1167.


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