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SAFE Online IP Screening Case Study Shows Similarities Between Code From Zynga and CrowdStar

Online IP Screening offers a proactive solution for protecting social game's IP

CUPERTINO, CA (January 3, 2011) - Software Analysis & Forensic Engineering Corporation, the leading provider of forensic software tools for the detection of software copyright infringement and trade secret misappropriation, today announced the release of a case study of Online IP Screening between Zynga's FarmVille game and CrowdStar's Happy Aquarium game. The study shows some interesting correlations between the source code for the two games, even after eliminating correlation due to third party code, commonly used identifier names, automatically generated code, common algorithms, and common authors.

"One of the challenges for accurate forensic analysis of software IP is access to source code." said Bob Zeidman, president of SAFE Corporation. "A unique characteristic of social games is that the source code is accessible online because of the technology used to develop and deliver the games. Using our proprietary online IP preprocessing tools with CodeSuite, we have created a service to proactively monitor this kind of online IP for copyright infringement." He also notes that these particular source code correlations do not mean that something nefarious took place, but rather that further examination should be performed.

According to Neel Chatterjee at Orrick, Herrington & Sutfcliffe LLP, "IP protection is an important element of an online game company's business. Monitoring online infringing activity can present numerous challenges. A service that proactively monitors such activities can help companies make sure they are protecting their rights to compete fairly in a newly emerging space."

SAFE Corporation's Online IP Screening service has released the case study of social games. The case study demonstrates the methodology of screening specific games and presents the results. The summary of these results is available online. The full case study is available for download upon request.

SAFE Corporation's Online IP Screening Services are available on a subscription basis. For more information, contact or call (408) 517-1167.

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SAFE Corporation is the leading provider of software forensic analysis tools for discovering IP theft, measuring software IP changes, and measuring software source code and object code correlation. CodeSuite has been used in trials involving copyright infringement and trade secret theft.


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