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SAFE Corporation Releases SourceDetective,
Internet Search for Software Plagiarism Detection

CUPERTINO, CA (December 3, 2008) - Software Analysis & Forensic Engineering Corporation, the leading provider of software tools for detecting and measuring software intellectual property, has just released SourceDetective™, a tool in its CodeSuite® set of software tools for comparing computer code to detect plagiarism, copyright infringement, and trade secret theft. SourceDetective helps definitively prove or disprove copying of source code by automatically searching the Internet and demonstrating that code elements in two different programs are unique, rarely used, or commonplace.

SourceDetective is part of CodeSuite, which comprises CodeMatch®, CodeDiff®, and BitMatch®. CodeMatch compares source code from two different programs and pinpoints areas of suspected copying even when the copied code has been significantly modified. It has been used in over two dozen copyright infringement and trade secret lawsuits and has become a de facto standard among IP attorneys. CodeDiff finds differences in code from programs that are nearly identical and has been used to measure changes in software intellectual property between versions of software programs. BitMatch is used to compare source code to executable binary code, looking for signs of copying. It can help determine whether a competitor has misappropriated your code and whether litigation is necessary or useful.

According to Bob Zeidman, President of SAFE Corporation, "SourceDetective will be very important for copyright infringement and trade secret litigation. Previously, searches were done manually and were extremely time consuming. Not only has SourceDetective sped up this process thousands of times over, but it is exhaustive and generates data in a form that is easily readable and presentable to a judge or jury."

A fully functional copy of SourceDetective is available with CodeSuite 3.0.0 and can be downloaded from the SAFE Corporation website. Licenses for running SourceDetective are available from SAFE Corporation.

About S.A.F.E. Corporation
S.A.F.E. Corporation is the leading firm providing software and services for discovering intellectual property theft, measuring software IP, and comparing software source code and object code. CodeSuite has been used by law firms for IP litigation cases around the world. CodeSuite has also been used by tax attorneys to track changes through multiple generations of programs in order to do accurate IP valuations. The corporate headquarters is in Cupertino, California.

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BitMatch, CodeDiff, CodeMatch, CodeSuite, and SourceDetective are trademarks of Software Analysis and Forensic Engineering Corporation.


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