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Zeidman Consulting Releases CodeMatch Software
For Comparing Source Code Files

CUPERTINO, CA (July 17, 2003) - Zeidman Consulting, (, a leading research and development firm and developer of software tools for data analysis, today announced a tool for comparing multiple source code files in order to detect copying, plagiarism, and intellectual property theft. The software, called CodeMatch TM , was developed for use by lawyers, technical experts, and expert witnesses to help them pinpoint computer source code that may have been copied from another program.

According to Bob Zeidman, President of Zeidman Consulting, "I have been involved in a number of patent and trade secret litigation cases as an expert witness where I needed to compare hundreds of files of source code containing hundreds or thousands of lines of code each. The task became very time consuming and it was easy to miss similarities. There are ways that programmers can modify source code enough so that it does not look the same to the human eye. I needed a tool to help analyze the code and find similarities automatically. Nothing existed so I created the tool myself."

CodeMatch runs on a personal computer running the Windows operating system. CodeMatch uses sophisticated algorithms to compare source code files and rank them according to similarity. A detailed report is also generated that gives specific information about similarities in each pair of files. CodeMatch currently supports several different programming languages including Basic, C, C++, Java, MASM, Perl, Verilog, and VHDL. CodeMatch is available now starting at $8,000 per copy per programming language. A demo version that compares two files at a time can be downloaded for free from the Zeidman Consulting website at

About Zeidman Consulting
Zeidman Consulting is a contract research and development firm specializing in digital hardware and software design including ASICs, FPGAs, CPLDs, PCBs, firmware, and application software. Zeidman Consulting also offers software tools like Molasses® that enables network device emulation in a live network, and CodeMatch that compares multiple source code files. The corporate headquarters is at 7599 Squirewood Way, Cupertino, CA, 95014, (408) 255-9279.

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