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SAFE Corporation Offers CodeSuite® Certification Online

CUPERTINO, CA (October 26, 2009) - Software Analysis & Forensic Engineering Corporation (, the leading provider of forensic software tools for software copyright and trade secret analysis, is now offering CodeSuite Certification online for software experts. Successful completion of the course adds the trainee to SAFE's certified expert's webpage, and they will receive a $500 credit toward the purchase of CodeSuite licenses.

"By offering our CodeSuite Certification Training online, we continue to expand the number of experts available for software copyright and trade secret litigation," said Bob Zeidman, president and founder of SAFE. "Our goal is to promote CodeSuite as the standard to measure and compare software for litigation. We are actively promoting CodeSuite to law firms handling software intellectual property litigation, providing them with the analysis tools and the experts to run them and opine in court."

"I completed CodeSuite Certification and was impressed with how CodeSuite helped me quickly identify copied code," said Michael Barr, president of Netrino. "Without CodeSuite, analyzing large bases of code is impractical. CodeSuite gives me the metrics to remove subjectivity from the process so I can focus my analysis and provide a better expert report in less time."

The online training includes a prerecorded video of a live CodeSuite Certification class, class notes, and an exercise work book as well as all the examples and the CodeSuite licenses needed to run the examples. The online class sells for $500 and can be purchased at

CodeSuite is a collection of software forensic analysis tools including BitMatch®, CodeCross®, CodeDiff®, CodeMatch®, and SourceDetective®. CodeMatch compares source code from two programs and pinpoints areas of suspected copying. CodeDiff finds differences in source code from programs that are nearly identical and has been used to measure changes in software intellectual property. BitMatch compares source code to executable binary code to help find possible copying before litigation is initiated. SourceDetective automatically searches the Internet to determine whether matching code elements in two different programs are unique or commonplace.

About SAFE Corporation
SAFE Corporation is the leading provider of software forensic analysis tools for discovering IP theft, measuring software IP changes, and measuring software source code and object code correlation. CodeSuite has been used in trials involving copyright infringement and trade secret theft as well as software valuation for tax cases. For more information visit, or call (408) 517-1167.

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BitMatch, CodeCross, CodeDiff, CodeMatch, SourceDetective, and CodeSuite are trademarks of Software Analysis and Forensic Engineering Corporation.


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